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The value of friendship first, competitor second

Monday, July 9, 2018 - 06:00
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Mark Bergasse from Marks Auto Service in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, had a life-changing medical condition. A heart attack that precipitated a quadruple bypass. His wife Sandy called their friends Glenn Colling of Eastside Auto Service; Todd Sarson of Stop N Go Automotive; and Carlo Sabucco of Sils Complete Auto Care Centre. They share their story of support to Mark and Sandy.

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This episode of the Remarkable Results podcast with Carm Capriotto tells a story about friendship, caring and the power of humanity. Are you prepared for a possible business or life-changing moment? Is your network in place? Are your friends or competitors ready to step up? Mark, Todd, Carlo, and Glenn share the backstory on the value of friendship first, competitor second.

Listen to this episode of Remarkable Results by clicking here.


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