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Roundtable tackles mentoring, fundamentals, training and play

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 - 06:00
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This technician roundtable brings back Matt Fanslow, Bob Heipp, and Peter Landry in our fifth roundtable interview. It is freewheeling, smart and evident that these three are very passionate about their career and industry.

Episode 338 of the Remarkable Results podcast with Carm Capriotto discusses technician pay and the need for shop owners to improve their profits, so the industry can pay better. It talked about technicians that take their education and skill set seriously and are constantly pushing to expand on them. They also tossed around the answer to this question: ‘What is a True Master Technician?’ The show also talked fundamentals, and specialization and a whole lot more. 

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Listen to this episode of Remarkable Results by clicking here.

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