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Automotive Information Systems, Chrome Systems providing digital incentive, rebate info

Thursday, January 15, 2009 - 01:00

Automotive Information Systems Inc., (AIS) a provider of OEM incentive and rebate information, has teamed up with Chrome Systems Inc. to supply rebate and incentive information. This relationship allows Chrome to integrate incentive data with the products and services they provide. Incentive/rebate information is provided at the zip code level and includes rebate, supported APR, alternative APR, Lease parameters, bonus cash and all ancillary programs that might be available.

“The ultimate goal is to provide dealers, consumers, and OEMs with the most comprehensive information possible. By including rebate and incentive data, Chrome can supply a more complete solution for their customers. For example, suppliers who provide dealer web site services will be able to enhance their product offering by including incentive and rebate information. Dealerships are also looking for every advantage to attract the few customers looking to buy,” states Troy Ontko, AIS Rebates’ president and founder. “Dealers do not want to simply show a new vehicle online, they want (and need) to show every possible incentive/rebate program along side the vehicle listing.”

“Our new partnership with AIS represents a significant addition to our product offerings,” says Peter Batten, general manager of Chrome Systems. “In today’s market, having comprehensive and region-specific incentive and rebate information side-by-side with vehicle listings is a significant competitive advantage for automotive retailing websites. We anticipate that this unique product will help increase vehicle sales and consumer interest.”

According to Greg Kelly, Marketing Director for AIS Rebates, “We know incentive and rebate information is highly sought after by a variety of customers. We intend to provide this data in a variety of ways based on customer requirements.”

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