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Disconnect in business can destroy your self-confidence

Wednesday, July 3, 2019 - 06:00
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All shop owners have at one point in time over the last quarter felt the frustration of the business seemingly stuck in inertia, but definitely not moving forward. It has been a tough first quarter for everyone right across the country. Many shop owners have expressed frustration with the shortage of personnel within the industry and the current staff “not getting it,” which in turn created a negative atmosphere throughout the shop.

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The term “not getting it” really isn’t the problem. The proper term is that they have a disconnect with the business and specifically their position within the business. When that happens, the bottom line disappears.

Consider the definition of the word "disconnect" – people sharing a common space, but not sharing a common purpose, a common agenda and a common commitment. The result is consistent conflict that keeps them working against each other.

Many people who have attended our classes have always heard that it is important to “inspect what you expect.” Time must be set aside to ensure the staff member is performing their task with common purpose, a common agenda and a common commitment because they understand the importance of it to the team, the business and are very proud of the function they have.

Management’s No. 1 function in business is to build relationships and one of those important relationships is with the staff. Take the time to ask each staff member to explain in detail their function within the business and how it fits within the entire business as it affects the team and desired business outcome as a whole. Listen very carefully to them. If they can’t explain it completely, then there is a disconnect and that picture now must be redrawn again by you for them. Once you have redrawn the picture, have them repeat the understanding in their own words.

This disconnect, if not handled properly, will continue to grow stress within the building possibly causing a key person to leave the business and the bottom line will continue to erode. That is a sink hole, meaning you have an emotional let-down that steals your energy, focus, determination and desire; the result is you feeling uncertain about what to do or where to start.

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Every one of us in business has been through this at some given time. The important point is to recognise it and deal with it calmly and logically. The sun will still come up in the morning, so be positive, take the emotion out of it and reconnect the team to each other, the business and their careers.

To continue moving forward and connecting the team, ensure you review daily the businesses performance along with the team’s performance. Always connect the two in a positive way. By that, I mean constructive criticism only works when the team trusts what you are saying knowing that they will benefit also for listening to you and performing your suggestions. A connected team who believe in the direction of the company and how it is going to achieve their objectives becomes a very productive team which in turn drives self confidence throughout the shop and net income to the business. Now those are results worth striving for.


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