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Consumers may not be driving, but the services they use are

Friday, March 23, 2018 - 06:00
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Chicago. No car. No problem. Joran Thompson lives in Chicago and hasn’t owned a car for years.
Thompson, Director of Business Development at Digital Kitchen, does fine commuting to work, buying fresh groceries and dry goods. Her dry cleaning gets done, perfectly and on-time, and her latest IKEA purchase gets constructed. When she needs medicine, pizza or to wait in a line for a restaurant on a Saturday Night she just uses her smartphone. There’s an APP for all of her needs.

The story for aftermarket professionals — in this Remarkable Results podcast with Carm Capriotto — is that all the miles Joran is not driving are being done by the services she contracts. Capriotto features interviews from service professionals, technicians trainers and industry leaders.

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Transportation as a service will rack up the miles to support all the Joran Thompson’s who don’t own vehicles. Someone will need to maintain and repair those vehicles. It’s time to make those connections.

Capriotto talks with Thompson and Derek Kaufman, entrepreneur and founder of C3 Network, LLC which helps clients launch new products in the transportation industry. Kaufman is also Managing Partner at Schwartz Advisors, LLC doing Mergers & Acquisition support and company growth work in the auto and heavy-duty aftermarket.

Together, the two discuss the challenges for parking in the city, the services available to the non-car-owning consumers and the opportunities that still exist.

Listen to this episode of Remarkable Results by clicking here.

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