• While digital marketing and print marketing each offer their own advantages, the best way to maximize your advertising spend is to combine both methods.
    Tim Ross
  • Integrating your marketing software with your POS will save you time and money and will allow you to identify what strategies are actually driving leads and resulting in sales.
    Ryan Wilmot
  • Just in time for National Automotive Service Professionals Week, June 6-12, Mitchell 1 is bringing back its popular “Thank You Thursdays” Facebook sweepstakes as a way to show appreciation for auto service professionals who work hard every day to keep America driving down the road.
    Mitchell 1 Thank You Thursdays
  • The Automotive Service Association (ASA) and its official publication, AutoInc. magazine, are inviting all current ASA members to enter the magazine’s annual Top 10 Websites Contest.
    Automotive Service Association (ASA)
  • While it’s tempting to slash your marketing budget, not only should you avoid cutting it during down times, you should actually increase it, and here’s why.
  • Digital marketers have developed a wealth of best practices you can follow to ensure you make the most of your budget.
    Michelle Bizon, Moving Targets
  • Ad vendors can sit back and test new theories in your business at a safe distance. Even for those with the best intentions, if they don’t know how to properly measure the real results in your shop, they don’t know just how much damage they’re doing. 
    David Rogers
  • Though many of us still hold on to an earlier time of direct interaction with our customers, the ways that we engage our customers in today's service world demand that we step out from behind our counter and try new ways of attracting and retaining customers. 
  • When it comes to the things shop owners want to spend money on, marketing and advertising aren’t typically at the top of the list. But without marketing or advertising, you’ll never generate the revenue needed to fund new tool purchases or staff expansions.
  • TechNet, a business solutions program from Advance Auto Parts, Inc., will sponsor popular Gunner Cummings Racing of Menomonie, Wisc., for the 2019 UMSS Sprint Car season.
  • SHIFTMobility believes that repair shops don’t need to increase their number of bays to increase earning potential; they just need the right solution, such as ShopLite.
  • Millennials are critical to the future success of your auto repair business.
  • Elite Worldwide's Jen Monclus explains how a focused effort on under-promising and over-delivering will improve your shop's customer retention.
  • Looking for ways to drive more business? Fall Car Care Month in October is the perfect time to reach out to your community and remind them of the benefits of auto care while helping your business at the same time. 
  • Every business owner has the ability to claim their free Yelp For Business Owners account and start attracting new clients.
    Emily Washcovick
  • It is inevitable though, despite your best efforts, planning and management, your shop will hit those brief periods where the schedule looks light and the fear of techs wandering around the shop with no cars in the bays looms ever larger.
    Chris Frederick
  • MOTOSHOP Technology Tools, a product portfolio from Advance Auto Parts, Inc., recently introduced a series of enhancements to the tools and programs available for professional shop owners, service managers and technicians.
  • The following describes not just the process of doing a complete brake job, but also the rationale for doing so and benefits that can help automotive shops to explain to customers why this complete brake job is so important.
  • Standard Motor Products, Inc. announced the Grand Prize winner of its TechSmart “Show Us Your Shop” Contest: George Robinson of Smith’s Auto Service in Jacksonville, NC.
    Standard Motor Products
  • Even though social media can be time consuming, it is worth doing yourself. Here are some basics to help guide you through the social media maze.
    Kiley Fasano
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