• It’s a fact that motorists are still driving in the wake of high gas prices, but a downside may exist for the aftermarket.
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  • Analysts on Wall Street see many challenges for the automotive aftermarket, but view industry as solid.
  • A rapidly growing market is just one step toward the new definition of ?automobile.?
  • All too often, counterpeople are forced to send their professional customers elsewhere and the reason is often due to problems with their e-catalog.
  • Jobbers and parts distributors have become entangled in multiple cases of credit card fraud recently.
    Aftermarket World Auto Parts Distribution
  • Being an active member of your town can help you create a good name while doing something that makes a difference in your neighborhood.
  • There is a lot of reported activity in the oil and additive category, as the additive business seems to cycle in and out of favor with the consumer.
  • There is no simple way to let people go, but you can make it easier on all involved.
  • The good news is that paying taxes doesn’t have to be as painful a chore, thanks to recent changes in tax laws, which makes for a more business-friendly environment. Here are some ideas that can actually save taxes for small auto parts business
  • Licensing agreements can bring big bucks to the aftermarket. Are you taking advantage?
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  • Ken Price, president of Washington-based Westbay Auto Parts, Inc., makes sure his business is known for quality and service.
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  • As import vehicles become the 'space invaders' of the 21st century, the North American aftermarket battles for its business. Here's a look at what today's import specialists are up against.
  • How to buy and keep mailing lists.
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  • There’s some commonality between sitting on death row and sitting in the office of a new car salesperson. Either way, you know you’re going to get whacked.
  • New rules could dim aftermarket lighting sales.
    James E. Guyette
  • Developing a long-term business plan is crucial to your company's success.
  • Like it or not, China's influence can't be avoided.
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  • I just got out of the shower where I was contemplating the most fundamental elements of our relationship. I know that may sound a bit odd, but it's the truth. I think about lots of important "stuff" in the bathroom, and I do some of my best thinking
  • The automotive aftermarket usually isn’t associated with sprawling fields of vegetation, but agricultural customers make up a large part of some jobbers’ businesses. So, what kind of customers are farmers? Can you grow your business by se
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  • The turkey carcass has been picked clean for some time…so why do you still have your Christmas lights and garland in your store windows? You may want to lose the decorations, but don’t lose the holiday spirit. Why? Because it will help y