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AAPEX EDU 2018: The road to great technicians

Sunday, December 16, 2018 - 08:00
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In this latest Remarkable Results podcast with Carm Capriotto, he leads a fundamentally valuable discussion as we get ready to deal with the tsunami of seeding our industry with our future technicians that will have the competencies necessary to perform mechanical and diag work and the need to develop career paths for every level of technician.

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We need apprentice and mentoring programs that are universal to the industry, along with an industry moving in the same training direction so we can create competent technicians to work on the tech and safety issues of our future vehicles.

We do not need our government involved in directing competencies, we need to do it ourselves. This discussion is one you’ll need to hear time and time again. You will need to be involved and help move this initiative forward. Don’t wait to get involved. A first step is to become a member of NASTF. It is Free. Go to

Listen to the podcast here.

With over 400 collective episodes between Remarkable Results Radio, the Town Hall Academy and the new show ‘For The Record’ you have the power of the spoken word in these long-form audio interviews. They are the perfect learning tool for the aftermarket forever student.

Carm Capriotto hosts the industries premiere podcast content library where service professionals, technicians, business coaches, educators, and industry executives among others bring raw, unfiltered, honest, and sincere stories that shaped their success. The podcasts also bring you insights, trends, best practices and stories of personal achievements.

Listen on your favorite podcast listening app or on These are “Conversations Worth Hearing!”


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