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Your new mantra – test, don’t guess – highlighted in new video

Wednesday, February 6, 2019 - 08:00
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Test, don’t guess. 

It seems like a pretty easy mantra to live by, but all too often, technicians don’t employ it in their daily work. And that, to many in the industry, is fairly surprising. 

When you were in school, you studied for tests. You didn’t guess your way through. (Well, maybe you did sometimes. But in general, you studied and prepared for your tests.)

Mike Alberry, ProDemand product manager with Mitchell 1, led a video walkthrough recently of processes that can be applied to anyone’s diagnostic process. In essence, he outlined the testing that technicians can and should do for all of their customers’ vehicles. 

Starting with a broader look, Alberry discusses in the video how technicians can start when it comes to repairs in general. It starts with service writers and advisors having quality conversations with the customer and gathering as much information as possible. Determining your starting point is first, but then it is followed by research and, of course, testing. 

“Verifying or duplicating the problem next will confirm your diagnostic direction,” he says.

From the broad look, Alberry walks technicians through various ways to find information and determine the right tests to use to solve the problem. The more research and information you can gather, combined with the proper tests can lead to accurate solutions to solve the root problem in the vehicle. 

Watch the video, Guided Tests To Get You Answers, now. It’s free and in 10 minutes, you’ll see the differences planning and testing can make in your diagnostic processes.

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