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Resolving to save: A new video for shop managers

Tuesday, January 8, 2019 - 09:00
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Did you resolve to save money in 2019? 

Did you know there are ways you can apply that to your business or even just to your role within the shop? 

In “Three Steps to Save: What You Should Be Ordering,” a short video from eBay Motors, the company shares some simple yet systematic ways shop managers can improve spending in 2019. The video outlines three steps to boost the budget with commodities and consumables for the shop. 

For example, do you put into your daily, weekly or monthly schedule time to look at commodities around the shop and take note of what you see? Even more, do you schedule time to order product? 

If not, you could be losing money by not buying in bulk, paying too much on shipping or losing on something just as valuable – time. 

Watch the free video now and learn the three steps to boost budget and improve your ordering in 2019. 

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