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How to manage your auto repair shop's high achievers

Thursday, November 30, 2017 - 09:00
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Over the past few columns, we’ve been discussing best practices in growing a team that will ensure your customers receive exceptional care each and every day. We’ve talked about the process and investment and we’ve discussed onboarding and growing your team’s skill set.  

But what about those high achievers? The guys and gals that just “get it” and set your vision into action on every job. How do you continue to grow their skill set while encouraging continued growth as valued members of your team? Or maybe, we should first consider this: Where do you find high achievers?  

It’s important to understand what a high achiever looks like so you can recognize the value of having them on your team and the benefit that comes from retaining them. It’s very common to have had several high achievers on your team in the past but mot recognize some of their traits and behaviors as being those of someone you want on your team until it was too late.  

If you research the characteristics of high achievers, you will find a lot of information on their distinct behavior such as a competitive nature, persistence and innovative thinking. High achievers are never satisfied for long and are able to see and buy into the bigger picture. High achievers can implement new ideas and skills quickly and are very convincing and persuasive. They see problems as opportunity, and they love to win.  Do these traits describe anyone on your team?  

It’s easy to be narrow minded when looking for that high achiever amongst your team by only considering your A-Tech or your longest-tenured employee. Most of the time, if you do have a high achiever on the team, he or she will be a different individual.  

High achievers are likely to be found among the greener employees or as someone who is passionate about learning. They are the teammates that attempt to put what they’ve learned into action the day after a class or after reading about a new way of doing things. More often than not, they are the teammate that just does things differently, faster and more efficiently than anyone else.  

If you have a high achiever on your team, it’s important to recognize and ensure they are allowed to shine within your company. However, if you don’t find the above traits in members of your team, you should consider if your business model and management standards are establishing a culture that attracts these crucial teammates.  

Let’s assume you have a high achiever on your team. How do you feed them in a way that benefits their growth and your success? If you keep the traits and behaviors listed above in mind as you interact with them, you’ll find success.  

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