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How to keep your staff focused, energized and productive

Thursday, October 4, 2018 - 07:00
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It’s no secret that we’re facing a technician shortage in our industry.

I could write an entire article on why we’re facing this shortage and how to overcome it, but the truth is, finding and retaining quality employees has always been a challenge for shop owners.

While there are some amazing things shops are able to do using technology to make employees more effective and efficient, the keys to finding and keeping those employees is unchanged: we have to create a culture that quality employees want to be a part of, we have to hire and train the right way, and we have to empower and incentivize them to become a valuable part of our team.

These goals all work hand in hand. Building a culture of success and a team of winners both start with the same first step: finding employees who want your shop to succeed.

Lay the groundwork early

This starts with the very first stage of the hiring process.

During the hiring phase, it’s critical to effectively screen your candidates as thoroughly as possible. The biggest thing you’re looking for? Character.

You can teach someone how to change a tire or an air filter, but one thing you can’t teach an employee is how to be a good person – an honest, hard-working person that will be an asset to you and your shop.

Quality people are an invaluable natural resource, and just like drilling for oil, you need to put in a good amount of time and effort to obtain them!

You should always use a set of written questions when conducting initial job interviews – you need to have consistency in what you’re asking the various applicants you’re sorting through. The more questions you can ask, and the more you’re able to learn up front, the better.

In addition to learning about their work history and experience, you’ve got to look for red flags.

Do they waver when you ask them about having an up-to-date ASE certification? Red flag. Are they reluctant to explain why they left their previous job? Red flag. Do they immediately ask about your recreational drug use policies? Red flag.

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