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Build your online community, build your understanding

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - 06:00
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But saving his own customers time, money and helping them avoid headaches is just the start. He shares a story about a technician trying to work on a broken lock cylinder in a Honda. The local dealership was backed up, so this particular technician was stuck trying to help his customer. Girard recalls that tech was able to get the lock cylinder into the car but with the security system, the car wouldn’t start. He didn’t have the proper programming equipment.

“I told him to call his local locksmith,” Girard says, adding that that call solved the problem. “The locksmith charged him $40 and he was tickled to death.”

Over the years as Girard has helped build the expansive library of questions, answers and scenarios, he has seen changes. He notes how the quality of questions have improved. “I’ve seen it as vague as I’ve got code P0602, I’ve scanned the car, how do I fix it. I’ve had it right down to where you read their question and see what they’re missing. You can go back and say, ‘You skipped step 4.’”

The Community also is just one part of the growing SureTrack program, which includes Probable Components, Real Fixes and a solid library of known good wiring diagrams. That feature is one Girard uses nearly as much as he is in the Community. He says he enjoys being able to access these systems from his scan tool, allowing him to, for example, get a picture of a fuel injector signal and compare it to a known good image.

“Sometimes it’s having that right information for something that could have gone really bad,” he says. “I love doing the work for the first time, but I want to be able to keep it simple.”

With his experience as a technician and owner, Girard brings both hats to the experiences and expertise he offers in the SureTrack Community. He says from the front counter with service writers to the bays with the technicians, the ability to ask questions and gather information is invaluable.

“It doesn’t matter how much it costs it’s how much it helps,” he says. “I have been in a pickle a time or two and not been familiar enough with a type of engine and there were people who helped me out.”

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