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Schneider's World: 'Everyone' knows...

Thursday, July 26, 2012 - 13:21
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Their sense of purpose, the need to provide for and take care of their families, their employees, their clients and themselves, forms their belief system and their beliefs drive their behaviors.

Their behaviors are not typical and, therefore, neither are their results.

The Chinese definition of insanity suggests that doing the same thing the same way, while waiting (and hoping) for a new and different outcome ultimately will prove unproductive and frustrating, and is more than just a little nuts.

So, here’s the big question. Are you one of the “everyone” who knows what the best way to prepare your business for sale is? Can you see the importance, the critical need, to create a business that can and will function without your being intimately involved in every detail of its day-to-day operations? Do you see the importance of creating a business capable of more than just adequate, more than just the need to take care of only imminent and immediate needs?

If you are and if you do, you already have learned perhaps the most critical of all business management lessons: That to succeed you must do those things the majority of the shop owners currently struggling to survive within our industry are unwilling (not necessarily unable or incapable of) to do.

What are those things? Do you know? If you do, what did you have to do? How did you do it? And, would you be willing to share both your story and your results with an industry in dire need of a few great success stories?

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