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Schneider's World: Back to Back

Tuesday, May 1, 2012 - 08:22
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What does that tell you about you, me, this industry and belonging or esteem? It tells you the vast majority of us have not gotten beyond the ability to meet our most basic physiological needs: our most basic need to feel safe and secure.

It tells us something else as well. It tells us a little bit about self-actualization and the fact that the less than 15 percent who are affiliated are likely to belong to more than one group and access education, training, personal development and growth whenever and wherever they can find it.

They might even be willing to do what I did: leave the shop, fly across the country and then drive across Florida to attend two meetings, back-to-back. Two meetings with countless opportunities to learn, grow and interact with other automotive professionals involved in service, manufacturing and distribution in less than 14 days!

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