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Schneider's World: Back to Back

Tuesday, May 1, 2012 - 08:22
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Who am I kidding? I wish I had an answer. But I don’t. Nor, am I sure anyone else does. I do have a theory, more than one, in fact.

The first is relatively simple. Despite the fact that more professionals in our industry are attending more and more events focused on personal and professional development, our industry still has not come of age. There are far too many automotive professionals who still don’t understand or appreciate the fact that we are what Peter Drucker identified as Knowledge Workers: individuals involved in life-long learning and continuous professional growth and education.

There are still far too many of us who have no idea how critically important exposure to new concepts and different ideas has become — ideas that take you out of your comfort zone, ideas and concepts that seemingly have nothing at all to do with fixing cars.

There are too many people who still believe that education and experience are mutually exclusive, that you can accomplish your goals and objectives simply by figuring it out along the way. Too many individuals who don’t appreciate what kind of a head start the right kind of education and training can provide.

If you don’t value education, if you remain uninterested in post-professional training, you won’t seek it out. And, if you aren’t willing to seek it out, you certainly won’t make the sacrifices necessary to take advantage of it even when it is delivered to your door.

The second reason has to do with Abraham Maslow’s work in behavioral humanistic psychology and his Hierarchy of Human Needs. But that is anything but simple. It suggests that we cannot aspire to the next level of human development unless or until we have first satisfied our present needs.

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