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Transfer Clutch Solenoid Failure

Wednesday, March 4, 2015 - 09:00
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The March 2015 article called “The Seven Sisters” made reference to this weekly newsletter. Subaru vehicles using the 4EAT Phase 2 Version 2 transmission experience wheel hop during tight corner turning maneuvers due to a failed Transfer Clutch Solenoid.

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The solenoid is not sold separately requiring the purchase of a complete valve body assembly for around $900. Once it has been determined that the solenoid is malfunctioning, there is an aftermarket work around that settles this problem. It is manufactured by Rostra Precision Controls and consists of a solenoid snout, a VW 01M Pressure Control Solenoid, a canister and pigtail connecter lead (figure 1). This makes for a quick in-car repair.

Once the pan is dropped, all the solenoids come in to view including the green connector transfer case solenoid (figure 2). Unplug all the solenoids and remove the one piece hold down plate for all six solenoids. Remove the transfer clutch solenoid and install the replacement solenoid snout being careful not to damage the o-rings (figure 3).  

Place the new solenoid into the canister and position it correctly into the solenoid hold down plate (figure 4), and install (figure 5). Once in position, plug the pigtail connector lead into the solenoid and wire it into the harness with quick connects and you are done (figure 6). It’s quick and easy and most importantly, it works.

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