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TCM Relocation Revisited

Wednesday, December 3, 2014 - 08:00
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In a previous newsletter called “TCM Relocation”, it spoke about how Ford took a TCM inside the transmission and relocated it externally with some models. 

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Toyota has done a similar thing. Their U660E transmission in the Toyota 3.5L Camry vehicles, the TCM is externally mounted directly to the transmission as seen in figure 1. With the TCM removed the transmission case connector comes in to view (figure 2). The pins are very small and fragile making it difficult to perform any resistance checks with solenoid circuits. Figure 3 shows the end of the TCM where it fits in to the case connector. It gives you an idea of how small the pins are in the case connector.

For 2.5L Camry vehicles, a smaller capacity version of this transmission is used called the U760E. The TCM for this style is not on the transmission. The TCM is part of the ECM. In its place is a wiring harness connector as shown in figures 4, 5 and 6.  This design gives the person diagnosing the vehicle the ability to check solenoid commands, speed sensor signals and TFT readings with a meter. Figure 7 is a pin description at this connector called the E8 connector. Maybe one day Toyota will decide to do the same thing with the 3.5L U660E versions.


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