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It's what you put inside that counts

Thursday, May 1, 2014 - 07:00
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I often wonder how many tech calls we field here at ATSG with slide bump shifts due to the wrong fluid being used. We get so busy with trying to reset adapts, changing solenoids and valve bodies that using the wrong fluid is not a consideration. Especially when we hear, “I use this fluid all the time and never have a problem.”

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Substandard filters are yet another costly budget decision to make, especially when you seem to have a decent run at them — that is, until several start coming back on the hook one at a time. In all fairness, yet even worse, is when you do use a new quality part and it, too, fails in short order. No doubt it can be tough to produce a quality job using quality parts and get paid for it. The idea obviously is that by using quality parts, it doesn’t come back and the job remains profitable, for the shop and the consumer.

A shop owner I met at a seminar took pride in using quality parts and getting paid for it. He told me that one of his responses to a potential customer having a difficult time with the price was, “Well, I can put in the cheapest parts I can find, but I’ll need to give you a taillight warranty.”

This is similar to explaining to someone to start the day with genuine organic oatmeal, fruit, nuts and juice, or a monstrous omelet with cheese, butter-loaded hash browns and white toast, three pancakes, sausages and bacon. The temptation is always to go the wrong way, even when you know what’s best for you. The challenge certainly is to be able to properly articulate the benefits and deficits of each to help the consumer make the best choice.

Transportation is an essential part of life. Whether it’s your body transportation or your mechanical transportation, it’s what you put inside that counts.

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