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GM 4L60/65/70E with Code P0894

Monday, June 8, 2015 - 07:00
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2005 and up G.M. Trucks equipped with the 4L60/65/70E transmission may exhibit a complaint of Torque Converter slip when the vehicle is hot, accompanied by a Diagnostic Trouble Code P0894, Component Slip. This complaint usually occurs after an overhaul and/or after the repair of the TCC Regulator valve bore.

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The cause may be that during the rebuild process, the TCC PWM solenoid was not replaced (figure 1), as the symptom mimicked that of a worn out TCC regulator bore. A closer inspection of the solenoid snout (figure 2), shows that a hairline crack caused a loss of solenoid pressure acting on the TCC regulator valve causing the Torque Converter to slip. Thanks go to John Dye from Dye’s Auto and Diesel Repair for the discovery. A new TCC PWM Solenoid (part number 24207054) costs approximately $30.00.

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