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Efficient 7DCT300 dual-clutch transmission launched in Europe

The third generation of dual-clutch transmissions offers further increases in efficiency equivalent to up to 3.5 percent compared with the second generation.
Friday, February 13, 2015 - 09:00
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On Feb. 11, Getrag started production of the new 7DCT300 dual-clutch transmission. The company, which is a specialist in passenger car transmissions, supplies European customers with the new transmission from its plant in Neuenstein, Germany. For the Asian market, the transmission will also be produced in China starting in 2017. Initially, the modern automated transmission will be used in the new Renault Espace, and further models and brands will follow.

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Bernd Eckl, Getrag Executive Vice President for Sales, emphasises the importance of the new transmission: “The launch of the 7DCT300 for the Renault Espace is only the beginning. With already over 100 planned applications, the 7DCT300 has the greatest potential in our company's history. We are very happy that this initial launch is running so smoothly and completely to plan.”

In the medium term, Getrag plans to complement the DCT300 platform with the compact 6DCT150. Based on a new, modular platform, the 7DCT300 is designed for a maximum torque of 300Nm. Smart Actuation, an intelligent power-on-demand actuation system, adds to the high efficiency of the 7DCT300. Its use enables power consumption of under 40W to be achieved less energy than a light bulb and 3.5 percent more efficient than second generation DCTs. This further consolidates Getrag's “best in class” position.

Hybrid versions of this transmission can be used in vehicles without major changes in installation space, starting in 2016. OEMs can therefore produce conventionally powered and hybrid vehicles on the same production line. Applications extend from 48V mild hybrids up to 360V plug-in hybrids.

Getrag is one of the largest system suppliers for transmissions worldwide with approximately 13,250 employees in 23 locations. The company is headquartered in Untergruppenbach, Germany. The company develops and manufactures transmission solutions for the automotive industry. Its broad product portfolio includes manual, automated manual and dual-clutch transmissions. Getrag also offers a range of hybridization and electrification solutions for transmissions. In 2013, Getrag achieved a turnover of 3.2 billion Euros. For more information, visit www.getrag.com.

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