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The Dual Clutch DCT W6DGA Transmission

Monday, March 30, 2015 - 07:00
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He makes a tool using 1½-inch PVC pipe flange as a base. He inserts a 4-inch length piece of 1½-inch PVC pipe into the base and he then fastens a 1½-inch PVC pipe coupler over the pipe. The coupler needs to have a 2.41-inch O.D. and a 2.11-inch I.D. for this to work properly as this is the end that will go into the drum assembly and align the spanner nut (Figure 22).

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He also suggests that while the drum assembly is set aside waiting for installation, that drive spline hub side of the assembly be supported by a couple of 2x4s or equivalent. This will prevent the spanner nut from being pitched against the clutch drive baskets making the alignment of the nut more difficult.

Once the drum is ready to be installed, he inserts his PVC made tool into the assembly to align the spanner nut. The assembly is then flipped over where Mitsubishi’s special tool (part No. MB992332-01-1) is inserted through the four holes in the cover, past the two drive clutch basket slots and into the spanner nut flange area. Modified striker handles are then used to lift the drum up off the alignment tool and carefully placed into the transmission (Figure 23). As the drum is inserted into the transmission a slight lifting with rotation will be needed to allow the input shaft and pump drive gear to engage.

When the assembly is fully seated ,the outer edge will be above the cover tab bolt pads by approximately ¾ of an inch. The spanner nut can now be carefully threaded into the support tower using the special tool. It will take about six or seven turns for it to be fully seated. Once it is in place, torque the nut to 66 inch pounds plus or minus 8 inch pounds.

To finish the clutch replacement the sealed cover needs to be installed. The inner and outer seals need to be lubricated before installation. To prevent damage to the inner seal during the instillation process, special tool M992314-01 can be purchased. Bob simply uses a 3 oz. Solo Bath cup (Figure 24). Once the cover is in place, it can be carefully tapped down using a dead-blow hammer followed by the installation of the 3 clutch cover tabs and you are done. Once the transmission is installed the Tech In programming will be required for the job to be complete. 

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