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The Dual Clutch DCT W6DGA Transmission

Monday, March 30, 2015 - 07:00
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The unit shown in this article was shipped in from the Netherlands by Automatic Choice to the Alto Products location in Atmore, Ala. It was there where this unit was disassembled. At the time, this special tool was not available so Alto’s in-house tool and die department made one (Figure 8). 

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Once the tool was in place the spanner nut was loosened. It only takes about six or seven complete counterclockwise rotations to fully release the spanner nut from the ring tower (Figures 9, 10 and 11).  With the unit being on its side, care will be needed to remove the housing assembly by giving it a slight lift for it to clear the sealing rings (Figure 12).  Otherwise, the unit could be placed on to its back to release the spanner nut and lift the assembly out of the transmission. 

If you are careful, this drum assembly can be disassembled to replace clutches and molded pistons. It is highly recommended to mark parts before disassembly to be used for alignment whenreassembling the housing to eliminate the possibility of vibrations.

The drive pump gear is part of the back cover (Figure 13). The inner diameter of this gear is a snap ring that holds the cover to the ring tower sleeve. This cover has enough flexibility to depress the cover without bending it. It needs to flex just enough to clear the snap ring from the integral pump drive gear (Figure 14). The assembly is then flipped around where the large selective L shaped snap ring holding the cover to the drive hub and damper assembly can be removed (Figure 15). 

The damper housing, C1 and C2 clutch drive baskets and the spanner nut can be separated from the back cover containing the two clutch assemblies (Figures 16 and 17).  Alto Products developed clutch and piston kits providing the means by which this assembly can be rebuilt. It is important to note that all friction plates have spiral type oil grooves making them direction sensitive (Figure 18).  Pay attention to their direction upon disassembly. It is imperative that they be installed exactly the way they came out; otherwise shift quality will be affected.

Getting ahead of myself, whether you rebuild the double clutch assembly or replace it with a new assembly, a “Tech In” process will need to be conducted using a capable scan tool. Bob Nuttall from Autotech sent in screen shots using in a Solus Ultra (14.4 version software) to get the job done (Figures 19, 20 and 21). This critical procedure will ensure proper operation of the double clutch shift strategy.

After the work is completed with rebuilding the assembly or a new assembly was obtained, to install it properly requires a bit of finesse. Nuttall offers his experience on how he successfully installs the drum assembly.


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