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Chubby's Tip of the Week

Tuesday, September 2, 2014 - 06:00
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Chris "Chubby" Frederick shares his tips for improving your managerial, marketing and number crunching skills in his new segment, "Chubby's Tip of the Week." You can find more from Chubby, the CEO of Automotive Training Institute (ATI), in his monthly Profit Matters columns. 


Check out past Tips of the Week on the Motor Age YouTube page

Week 1 - Maximizing the lifetime value of a new customer that builds a relationship with your shop

Week 2 - Avoiding the biggest mistake we make selling maintenance

Week 3 - Helping employees with their dreams and goals

Week 4 - Ways to refer to your goals during the year

Week 5 - The best ways to train new employees

Week 6 - The best way to stop sales from swinging violently month to month

Week 7 - Where to begin to increase profits

Week 8 - Is a coach a good idea

Week 9 - How to keep from growing

Week 10 - Talking in an interview

Week 11 - Making profits on labor and parts

Week 12 - Who makes a better service advisor, an extrovert or an introvert

Week 13 - Working on your business not in it

Week 14 - What is most important, skill, knowledge or commitment

Week 15 - Spending money on satisfaction surveys still is important

Week 16 - Getting employees to follow you when you're not there

Week 17 - Why some new strategies work and others don't

Week 18 - Ways to increase the shop labor on the average repair order

Week 19 - Making sales climb

Week 20 - Staying focused on goals

Week 21 - When a lot of change is needed, where do you start

Week 22 - Mistakes in implementing discipline

Week 23 - Thoughts on word of mouth advertising

Week 24 - Is your branding working in your marketing efforts

Week 25 - What shocks even successful shop owners

Week 26 - The No.1 reason customer don't come back to your shop

Week 27 - Why service repair average orders can decrease

  Week 28: Weekly performance indicators to monitor

Week 29 - Plan ahead for growth

Week 30: Change misguided beliefs

    Week 31: Handling advertising disagreements

Week 32: Holding your service manage accountable

 Week 33: Running your shop while on vacation

Week 34: Fighting hiring challenge 

Week 35: Creating a marketing calendar

?Week 36: What about firing

Week 37: The fastest way to improve shop operations and productivity

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