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OnStar adds turn-by-turn features to existing platform

Sunday, April 6, 2008 - 23:00
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OnStar has added two enhancements to its turn-by-turn service.
The first new service is Destination Download. Current subscribers with screen-based navigation systems can quickly receive directions while on the go. By connecting with an advisor and requesting a specific destination, directions are sent to subcribers' cars instantly.
The second service, eNav, allows subscribers with a turn-by-turn navigation-capable vehicle to find and save destinations on MapQuest.com. These directions can then be sent to their vehicle’s turn-by-turn navigation system and quickly integrated. The eNav will be available retroactively on all 2.65 million current turn-by-turn capable vehicles.
Joining eNav is also XM NavTraffic. This service integrates the existing turn-by-turn navigation features with XM’s real-time traffic information. Fed data on accidents, traffic backups and road construction by XM's service, subscribers are instantly notified of a delay on their planned travel route.

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