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Midtronics, GM partner on tool for hybrid programming support

Thursday, October 23, 2008 - 23:00

Midtronics recently announced an agreement with General Motors Inc. to supply a new essential tool for 2-Mode Hybrid vehicle programming support.


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SPS Programming Support Tool EL-49642, based on the Midtronics PSC-550S Power Supply Charger, is shipping as an essential tool to all General Motors dealers during the 4th quarter of 2008.

GM Service Operations determined that any fluctuation, spiking or loss of voltage will interrupt Service Programming System (SPS) programming events, resulting in controller lock up. Advanced technology vehicles such as the 2-mode Hybrid from GM, require a sequential SPS event where multiple modules are programmed in simultaneously. 

The EL-49642 SPS Programming Support Tool provides precise voltage control and clean power, eliminating potential fluctuations and spiking, or a loss of voltage which could interrupt programming and cause a controller to lock up. The main function of this new tool is to act as a clean power supply during programming to avoid module failures, according to the company.  Even a fully charged vehicle battery can’t supply the necessary power for a successful SPS event and a reliable external power supply is required. GM has also stressed the importance of maintaining proper battery voltage during all SPS reprogramming events.

“Midtronics is very excited about our first Hybrid essential tool program in support of the GM 2-Mode Hybrid initiative,” says Mike Troy, Vice President and General Manager, Transportation Division. “The EL-49642 SPS Programming Support Tool continues our successful history with General Motors of supplying battery and electrical diagnostic and support equipment that started in 1998 with the launch of the Micro410 Digital Battery Analyzer,” Troy added.

The EL-49642 Programming Support Tool is based on the Midtronics PSC-550 Power Supply Charger. The PSC Power Supply Chargers are used to provide clean and reliable power for vehicle programming, complex service routines, and to support new vehicle demonstrations in the showroom
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