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Electric Porsche boosts interest in CalMotors technology

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 - 00:00

CalMotors, makers of power electronics and embedded systems for hybrid and electric vehicles, reports that interest in its electronic control unit (ECU) and its electromagnetic interference (EMI) reduction system has increased dramatically since the release of the first electric Porsche developed by Ruf Automobile in Germany.

Ruf Automobile chose CalMotors to design and integrate a high performance electric powertrain into its eRuf 997 prototype. CalMotors used its sophisticated ECU and its EMI reduction system to control and direct all of the powertrain components on the CAN bus.

“I am so pleased with the performance of our ECU and our EMI reduction system in the eRuf,” says Mike Kasaba, CEO of CalMotors. “It is clear to me that we are entering a new phase in hybrid and electric vehicle design. A phase we are calling ‘Green Performance’. This new focus in our industry will be characterized by a race for more efficiency, more speed and more range. We intend to lead the industry in this direction and the eRuf is the latest example of our leadership. Our ECU and EMI reduction systems are just the beginning of the products we plan to launch to serve the burgeoning Green Performance marketplace.”

CalMotors is a California company developing embedded systems designed to enable and enhance hybrid and electric vehicles. CalMotors has designed, engineered, fabricated and tested several advanced technology vehicles, some of which can be viewed at its website www.CalMotors.com.

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