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Our Latest Winner!

Texas tech latest to receive collectible diecast
Tuesday, January 15, 2019 - 06:51
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Congratulations to David Culp, of Robinson, Texas! He's the latest winner of our "ASE Question of the Month" random prize drawing.

Our December issue features diagnostic tales and tribulations. So we tested your fundamental electrical troubleshooting skills!

Technician A says that verifying power to a component is best done with a test light, inserting it into the end of the component's unplugged connector on the harness side. Technician B says that the best way to verify power is to perform a voltage drop test on the power side of the circuit with the component plugged in and turned on. Who is correct?

A.  Technician A

B.  Technician B

C.  Both A and B

D.  Neither A nor B

Did you answer B?

Only Technician B is correct. Using the method Technician A describes would only measure Open Circuit Voltage. Without current flow, there is no voltage drop and any extra resistance in the power side of the circuit would remain undetected.

Had you tried the question, you could have done like David did, and entered our random drawing for a collectible diecast, provided and sponsored by Federated Auto Parts! If you didn't, it's not too late! Click HERE to take our January test.


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