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Volvo Car Group takes the stage at ReMaTec 2019

Monday, May 13, 2019 - 07:00
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Volvo Car Group presents a keynote speech at ReMaTec 2019, the world’s leading automotive remanufacturing trade event held in RAI Amsterdam, the Netherlands from June 23 - 25, 2019. In his ReMaTec keynote, Dick Cruslock, Strategy and Programme Manager, Global Customer Service at Volvo Car Group, presents Volvo’s commitment to remanufacturing. This makes Volvo the first car manufacturer to ever take the stage at the leading exhibition for the remanufacturing industry, ReMaTec.

Volvo Car Groups' remanufacturing programme restores replaced parts to their original specifications to realise both environmental and financial savings. A Volvo remanufactured part requires up to 85 percent less raw materials and 80 percent less energy compared to a new part. In 2018, the programme saved approximately 420 tonnes of steel and 210 tonnes of aluminum. The energy saved corresponds to a carbon dioxide emission reduction of 4,700 tonnes a year.

Heritage in remanufacturing
Volvo’s remanufacturing history goes back to the end of Second World War where the company first began renovating gearboxes in the town of Köping in Central-Southern Sweden. At that time, the post-war shortages of raw material made it a sensible choice to invest in remanufacturing. Today, in terms of recyclable materials, Volvo designs their cars so that 95 percent of the materials can be recovered, to be either reused or recycled.

Remanufacturing as an enabler
Niels Klarenbeek, ReMaTec Exhibition Director at RAI Amsterdam explains: “We’re excited to host the Volvo keynote. This is a first. It will be the 10th  edition of the ReMaTec trade event and it will be the first time a vehicle manufacturer literally takes the stage. This not only underlines the importance of the ReMaTec platform, but it also emphasises the commitment of vehicle manufacturers - like Volvo Car Group - towards the circular economy. They take responsibility towards resource efficiency and carbon emissions as remanufacturing is a crucial enabler of their sustainability objectives and the process has become mature and well accepted.” Klarenbeek concludes, “I am confident that the Volvo keynote is interesting to attend for many remanufacturing experts, OEM aftermarket suppliers, and other stakeholders in the supply chain.”

Amsterdam: reman hotspot
More information on how to attend Volvo’s keynote on Monday 24 June at 10:30 hours in Amsterdam and other presentations during ReMaTec 2019 can be found at The industry is invited to visit the trade event by using invitation code REM510033 on to receive a free 3-day access badge.


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