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Use a filter that can go the distance

Friday, June 9, 2017 - 07:00
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Extending oil drain intervals is a popular topic of discussion among fleet managers today. The fact is, when done right, it can potentially save fleets thousands of dollars in maintenance costs while significantly reducing vehicle downtime – two elements that are essential for keeping your fleet ahead of the competition.

Historically, fleet managers have followed oil drain intervals based on calendar intervals or miles driven. However, developments in oil and filter technology have forced fleets to rethink the frequency of their oil change program. When the interval selected is based on average data for fleets, it may not be suited for vehicles in a “particular” fleet.

Oil analysis can help determine how much longer the oil can last but choosing the right filter is equally important. “Oil filters are the overlooked component of extending oil drains,” advises Scott Killips, CEO, HUBB Filters. “Be sure to select a filter that is up to meeting the challenge of an extended oil drain interval. Cleanable and reusable oil filters are an excellent match for some of the quality oils we see on the market today.”

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For example, Killips explained, HUBB filter’s surgical steel media captures more contaminants than a conventional filter and has up to five times the storage capacity so you can extend your oil drain with confidence. Most importantly, HUBB filters are manufactured to be cleanable and reusable and are guaranteed to last 100,000 miles or 5,000 hours. Its patented filter-in-filter design ensures lasting protection and the safety of an extended oil drain program.

According to Killips, pairing the right filter with the right oil is crucial in helping fleets implement a successful and safe extended oil drain program. A program that is not well thought out has the potential to not only waste those precious dollars that were spent on the oil but it can also hurt the life of your vehicle’s engine – a far bigger cost for certain.


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