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Tracer Products launches several new LeakFinder products

Thursday, February 8, 2018 - 09:00
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We at Tracer Products are proud to launch several new LeakFinder products to our existing line of cost-effective aftermarket solutions for automotive A/C, fluid and coolant leak detection. All new products are packaged in convenient, full-color, hanging clamshell packaging.

UV Fluorescent Dyes:
LeakFinder UV Fluorescent Dyes are the perfect cost-effective solution for DIY preventative maintenance and small to mid-sized automotive repair shops. Simply add the dye, use one of our leak detection flashlights and see your automotive A/C, fluid and coolant leaks glow brightly.

LeakFinder UV Lamp:
The LeakFinder LF500CS UV Lamp is a powerful violet light LED leak detection flashlight. The flashlight's compact design offers optimal coverage of a vehicle's leaking systems -- allowing the user to scan for escaping fluorescent dye in the tightest and hardest to reach places. The lamp features 9 violet LEDs and includes fluorescence-enhancing glasses and 3 AAA batteries.

SOLO-SHOT Syringe Injection Kit
LeakFinder SOLO-SHOT disposable syringes are designed for quick and easy injections. Each syringe is prefilled with the correct amount of dye for the application. There's no measuring involved and no loss of dye due to spillage.

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