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Tire Profiles shows 2019 SEMA attendees how they can increase sales

Tuesday, December 3, 2019 - 08:00
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At the 2019 SEMA Show, Tire Profiles LLC, the industry leader in laser diagnostic systems for tire wear and alignment analysis, provided visitors to their booth hands-on insight into how they can help dealers, auto service centers and quick oil change centers across North America increase sales of tires, alignments and other related services through the use of their TreadSpec™ technology.
TreadSpec technology, which is incorporated into the state-of-the-art TreadSpec™ and GrooveGlove™ diagnostic products, scans hundreds of points across each tire and diagnoses tread depth accuracy better than ±0.2 mm. The output is a report with the results of the vehicle’s tire wear and alignment diagnostics, providing an opportunity to discuss solutions and next steps with the vehicle owner.  
“The key to increasing sales revenue is to capture 100 percent of the opportunity—electronically,” said David Boyle, president and CEO of Tire Profiles. “This ensures that dealers and shop managers don’t miss any opportunities, which provide the volume you need, and doing it electronically allows you to take action based on the data.”

Auto service centers and dealerships across the nation that have incorporated the state-of-the-art TreadSpec™ and GrooveGlove™ diagnostic products into their process have confirmed an increase in the number of wheel alignments and tire sales, with some impressive statistics.
“We have experienced tremendous growth with the Groove Glove,” said Chris Bradshaw, Vice-President of Operations, Carr Chevrolet, Beaverton, OR. “The opportunities for alignment checks have grown 200 percent, and tire sales are up 28 percent. The key has been a consistent process and high percentage of scans resulting in appointments.”
James Freel, Parts and Service Director, for Crest Cadillac, installed the TreadSpec on his service drive and is very pleased with the results.
“It has increased alignment sales by 65 percent year over year since we installed it,” said Freel.  “As far as dollars and cents, it has brought in an average $10,000 to 12,000 a month in additional gross revenue. I thought it would be all tire sales increases, and I wasn’t expecting the increase in the alignment business-- that was a complete surprise. I paid for the equipment in less than two weeks.”
The TreadSpec™ 2.0 drive-over technology requires no labor, as software automatically captures all the data in one easy step. Tire Profiles also offers customers another option with a mobile hand-held version called GrooveGlove™. GrooveGlove applies the TreadSpec technology in a mobile format and places tire monitoring and alignment in the palm of the user’s hand.
“The GrooveGlove has been one of the best tools we’ve added to our service department in years,” said Willis Hudson, Authorized Franchisee for SpeeDee Oil Change in Asheville, NC. “It’s a great customer satisfaction resource and sales production tool.”
“Customer education and transparency is a big part of what we offer to a service center or dealership,” said Boyle. “We provide a faster, more accurate way to communicate tire wear and tread patterns to ensure the right replacement decisions are made to keep the car on the road and the consumer safe.”
If you want to learn more about how the TreadSpec 2.0 or GroveGlove can help you increase your sales, go to and click contact us.
About Tire Profiles LLC
Tire Profiles, LLC, was founded by Roger Tracy, and is led by David Boyle, President and CEO, who together bring more than 50 years of combined engineering, automotive, technology and industrial design experience. They teamed up in 2013 to develop products for the automotive industry. As Tire Profiles’ first president, David Boyle’s experience in building and running large technology-based companies with products designed specifically for the automotive repair market has been instrumental in shaping Tire Profiles into what it is today. With the cutting-edge technology and software incorporated into the TreadSpec™ and GrooveGlove™, Tire Profiles is the industry leader in tire and alignment measurement and diagnostic systems and instruments and provides diagnostic technology to thousands of auto dealers and repair facilities worldwide.
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