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Prestone power steering fluid provides critical protection, maximizes performance

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - 07:00
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The finest automotive performance is influenced by quality power steering fluid. Prestone Products Corporation, the leader in under-the-hood chemicals, offers a line of synthetic power steering fluids designed for optimal performance.

The complete line-up of steering fluids, designed for domestically and internationally manufactured vehicles, are compatible with original factory-fill fluids and designed with anti-wear additives to protect pump components. This industry-leading technology includes antioxidants to prevent sludge formation, seal conditioners to protect and rejuvenate seals, anti-foam agents to prevent pump cavitation and steering loss and corrosion inhibitors to protect metal components.

The full line of Prestone® synthetic power steering fluids include the following:

  • Prestone® Power Steering Fluid for American Vehicles is a premium, full-synthetic formulation containing the latest additive chemistry to maintain peak performance while delivering excellent oxidative stability for extended fluid life. The formula was developed specifically for use in American vehicles, including General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.
  • Prestone® Power Steering Fluid for Asian Vehicles is a premium full-synthetic formulation specifically engineered for Asian vehicles, including Honda, Acura, Toyota and Lexus. Not only designed for extreme temperatures, it also provides excellent operation in low temperatures while protecting against wear, foaming, and corrosion to maintain optimal performance and deliver excellent oxidative stability for extended fluid life.
  • Prestone® Power Steering Fluid for European Vehicles is a premium full-synthetic formulation specifically engineered for European vehicles, including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, VW/Audi and all other European-manufactured vehicles. It is designed for extreme temperatures and suitable for use where CHF 7.1, 202 or 11S fluids are recommended.

With Prestone synthetic power steering fluids, systems are protected in the most extreme temperatures, so that drivers experience ideal performance in all conditions.

For more information, or to locate a retailer to purchase Prestone synthetic power steering fluids, please visit For a demonstration of any Prestone product, visit the Prestone YouTube channel.

Prestone Products Corporation – Headquartered in Chicago, IL, Prestone is a leading manufacturer of high quality antifreeze/coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid and other vehicle maintenance products. Prestone’s antifreeze/coolant has protected vehicle cooling systems since 1927, through nearly 9 decades of evolving engine operations and cooling system demands. The company operates globally, with approximately 500 employees and 4 manufacturing plants. Prestone is owned by KIK Custom Products Inc., one of North America’s largest independent manufacturers of consumer packaged goods. Additional information is available at

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