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Over 30,000 technician resumes now available at

Wednesday, February 21, 2018 - 09:00
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S/P2 ( has made its S/P2 Careers resume database publicly available for shops and businesses. An S/P2 Careers subscription allows businesses to access the resumes of more than 30,000 career tech students looking for full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities. Businesses can use S/P2 Careers to recruit from career technical schools on a local, regional, and national basis.

“Most people don’t know that we’ve been quietly working on S/P2 Careers for the past 12 months,” said Kathleen Nguyen, S/P2 Director of Business Development. “We are simultaneously helping students find career opportunities, while helping employers access tens of thousands of technician candidates. If a shop has ever said, ‘I can’t find techs,’ they should start using S/P2 Careers immediately.”

The technician shortage crisis is being felt across the automotive industry. The movement toward businesses growing their own technicians continues to gain popularity, but finding prospective candidates has remained a challenge for owners, managers, and recruiters. S/P2 aims to change that with S/P2 Careers.

Career tech students began posting their resumes in December 2016. Of the students who have posted their resumes on S/P2 Careers so far, 19,100 are interested in automotive service, 7,900 are interested in collision repair, 7,600 are interested in heavy-duty/diesel, and 8,100 are interested in welding opportunities.

“These students are looking for the right opportunity with the right first employer. They aren’t tied into a specific industry segment,” said Nguyen. “Even though a student is in an auto service program, he or she may be a great fit for a collision repair shop. A student in a welding program might find the right opportunity with a trucking company. In fact, during our pilot program, we have seen businesses go across segments in their recruiting. It’s not about the program of study – it’s about finding a candidate passionate about the automotive industry that matches with an employer. If you’re willing to grow your own, you never have to look elsewhere for candidates again.”

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Shops can subscribe to S/P2 Careers on a month-to-month basis for only $500 per user.  With S/P2 Careers, businesses can search for candidates by industry segment, geography, high school vs. post-secondary, and other filters. Businesses can reach out to the candidates they are interested in, as well as post jobs for career tech students. Some businesses may be eligible for discounts on the monthly subscription fee. To find out if your facility is eligible for a discount, contact S/P2.

“We’re making sure there’s no excuse for a shop owner or manager to say they don’t know where to find technicians. The next generation of technicians is on S/P2 Careers right now, just waiting to hear from prospective employers!” said Nguyen.

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