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New Philips Xenon CrystalVision ultra is brighter, whiter than standard HIDs

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 - 08:00
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Lumileds, a leading lighting solutions company for the automotive industry, takes HID lighting to the next level with Philips Xenon CrystalVision ultra. This cutting-edge Xenon HID upgrade delivers a brilliant white light with a color temperature of up to 5000K. Designed as direct replacements for standard HID D2S and D2R bulbs, Philips Xenon CrystalVision ultra bulbs produce a beam that is noticeably brighter and whiter than the 4300K color temperature of a standard Xenon HID.

Philips Xenon CrystalVision ultra HID delivers a brighter, whiter light with a color temperature of up to 5000K.

The crisp, bright white light of Philips Xenon CrystalVision ultra HIDs is ideal for drivers who are looking for a higher level of style and performance. The radiant white light gives vehicles a super high-tech look and the color temperature comes closer to approximating the look of natural daytime illumination.

Philips Xenon CrystalVision ultra HIDs packaging features the Philips Certificate of Authenticity (COA). The Philips COA helps protect consumers from counterfeit Philips lighting products by allowing them to verify the authenticity of the product online.

More information on the Philips Xenon HID Anti-Counterfeit Program is available at

As a leading lighting solutions company for the automotive industry, Lumileds is licensed to use the Philips brand for its automotive lighting and accessories product portfolio. To find out more: or call 1-800-257-6054.

About Lumileds

For automotive, mobile, IoT and illumination companies who require innovative lighting solutions, Lumileds is a global leader employing more than 9,000 team members operating in over 30 countries. Lumileds partners with its customers to push the boundaries of light.

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