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Neutronics Refrigerant Analysis Receives SAE J2912 Approval

Friday, September 13, 2013 - 06:21
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Neutronics Refrigerant Analysis has received SAE J2912 approval for the world’s first portable, dual refrigerant analyzer designed for both R1234yf and R134a. 

“The Ultima ID RI-2012yf Series Refrigerant Analyzer is a tool for today and tomorrow” said Gary Halpern, President of Neutronics Inc. The RI-2012yf design maintains Neutronics’ award winning attributes including an optional built-in printer and “fender friendly” design while adding many new features as standard.  An internal LiFe battery, AC Power Supply, USB port for connection to an SAE J2843 A/C Service Machine, and an “Unknown” channel for detection of R40 and other refrigerants are just a few of the standard elements in this new design. 

“Refrigerant counterfeiting and contamination is on the rise in R-134a and with the high cost of R-1234yf, you can never be sure of what is in the vehicle or cylinder without testing it first” said Peter Coll, Vice President of Neutronics Inc. The RI-2012yf and RI-2012yfp are available now from Neutronics Refrigerant Analysis.

To learn more about the entire line of Neutronics Refrigerant Analysis products, visit:

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