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Motor Age Training, ASE name 2017 Tech of the Year

Wednesday, December 20, 2017 - 09:00
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Thirty-four-year industry veteran Kevin Dwyer has been named the Motor Age Training/ASE Master Automobile + L1 Technician of the Year.

Master Tech Dwyer, of Clarksville, Tenn., was honored for being the top scoring tech for the L1 exam. He has been with the Avis Budget Group for 30 years and deems one of his best professional accomplishments becoming a trainer for his colleagues and peers within the group.

Kevin Dwyer (second from left) receives the Motor Age Training/ASE Master Automobile + L1 Technician of the Year award.

He and 46 other technicians were honored this fall at the annual Board of Governors meeting of the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). The annual award banquet spotlights top scorers of the ASE Certification Tests.

“There's not a lot of glory that comes with this job. You can take pride in resolving a difficult vehicle problem, but to the customer you're simply doing what's expected of you,” Dwyer said. “This has been an exceptional experience, and I'm very grateful to Motor Age and ASE for the recognition of my efforts in this profession. It was literally my moment in the spotlight!”

With a trade school education and GM, Ford and Toyota dealership level training, Dwyer has persevered in the automotive industry. “I enjoy the mental and physical challenges involved in auto repair,” he said.

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His focus on training has been spurred by his own commitment to ASE certification. “There has been a steady demand for technicians, and ASE certification is highly valued,” Dwyer said. “Constant training and practice is simply the job description of an automotive technician. Looking back, the gradual but relentless advance of vehicle complexity over my career is really amazing. A diligent training program is required to keep pace with this progress.”

Dwyer hopes more technicians continue to enter the field, and offered this piece of advice: “A mentor is essential when you are first starting out. Whether it's a formal program or an informal personal relationship, search for a workplace that is willing to invest the time, money and patience it takes to support and develop a skilled technician,” he said.

Married to wife Dawn, the couple has three children — Matt, 30; Amber, 28; and Julia, 20. Dwyer’s professional focus appears to have rubbed off on his offspring. Matt has a PhD is Computational Engineering and is working with NASA; Amber has a Masters in Predictive Analytics and is working for the state of Tennessee; Julia is in college pursuing a dual major in Computer Science and Biology.

When not working in the shop, Dwyer said he enjoys spending time with his family outdoors, camping, hiking and bike riding. 

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