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Management Success rebrands as DRIVE

Monday, November 5, 2018 - 09:00
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Management Success, an automotive, collision, and truck repair consulting and training group, recently announced its rebranding as DRIVE at its SHOP OWNER’S EXPO in Pomona, Calif., October 19-21.

DRIVE’s CEO, Bill Kilpatrick, answered some questions posed by ABRN about the company’s rebranding and future.

Bill Kilpatrick

Why did your company decide to rebrand?

“Management Success has been a leading name in business consulting for 25 years. I took control of the company when Mike Lee passed away. Mike was a wonderful friend, and I deeply respect his knowledge of the industry and his wit. I came in with a background in technology, and I saw the opportunity to make changes. The decision to rebrand is big. We are modernizing our content top to bottom. This impacts every service we offer.”

What is unique about DRIVE and the history behind the rebrand?

“Years ago, I launched a software company that grew to 100 employees and it was acquired by General Electric. Software development is in my blood. The technology company I have been incubating is now fully integrated with the automotive aftermarket. We have quadrupled the size of our development force.”

How is DRIVE helping repair shops be successful in this rapidly changing industry?

“Rather than focusing on the day-to-day duties of a CEO, I am more comfortable spearheading research and development, pioneering new training techniques and coaching styles, plus seeing the future and staying in front of the technology curve. Every player in the automotive aftermarket, whether they are a huge parts vendor or a small independent garage, could have their game uprooted and batted down if they don’t face the coming onslaught of technology. It is our duty to make certain our clients succeed through the proper use of technology and business combined.”

How will the rebrand benefit clients and shop owners?

“DRIVE solutions will provide shop owners more free time, financial stability, growth, succession and gives the modern shop owner an opportunity to create their life by design.”

In balancing the past and future of the company, how will DRIVE’s offerings be expanded?

“You might be surprised about what we are keeping and what we are changing. We are a management services company. This foundation will not be diminished; it will be enhanced. Our clients are extended family to us. We know them well and we love them. DRIVE will always be committed to their success. We are closely partnering with industry influencers. You can expect to see more developments in 2019 than you have seen in our past 25 years.”

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