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Florida tech selected as October winner!

Hundreds enter for a chance to win monthly "ASE Question of the Month" series
Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - 08:08
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Hundreds enter for a chance to win monthly "ASE Question of the Month" series

Congratulations to Joe Ruggiero, of Joe's Auto Electric in Port Richey, Florida! His entry was selected at random as our October Motor Age "ASE Question of the Month" contest winner, sponsored by Federated Auto Parts.

Every month, Motor Age hosts an ASE-style question related to content in their current print issue. Readers are encouraged to try their hand at the question and - whether answered correctly or not - enter their name for a chance to win a custom diecast collectible, suitable for display at home or at the shop!

The October question was:

Technician A says that a transmission shift solenoid can be tested like a fuel injector, by monitoring voltage and current with a scope. Technician B says that current flow through the solenoid must switch on cleanly and turn off cleanly for the solenoid to operate properly. Who is correct?

A.  Technician A

B.  Technician B

C.  Both A and B

D.  Neither A nor B

You were correct if you answered C!

Technician A is correct. A fuel injector is a solenoid that depends on a magnetic field to open the pintle. A shift solenoid is similar in design and can be tested the same as the injector. Technician B is also correct. If the ECU driver does not complete the circuit cleanly, the magnetic field strength will be effected and could cause the solenoid to open late or not at all.

Want a chance to be our November winner? Click HERE to take the one question test and then follow the link to the contest entry. It's that simple!

To learn more about our sponsor, visit the Federated Auto Parts site!

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