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Delphi announces new ignition coils for almost 10 million vehicles

Friday, June 7, 2013 - 06:21
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Delphi announces the launch of 12 new ignition coils cover more than 9.6 million Audi, Honda, Nissan, Jaguar, BMW, GM, Hyundai, Kia, Volvo and Toyota applications from 1998 to 2012. Part numbers: GN10322, GN10323, GN10324, GN10325, GN10326, GN10327, GN10328, GN10329, GN10330, GN10331, GN10332 and GN10334.

Visit for specific part information. Inventory will be available at the end of Q2 2013.

Why Ignition Coils Fail
Ignition coils operate in a tough environment. Stresses created by vibration, temperature changes and even the failure of spark plugs and other components can cause ignition coil wiring to break or short out. The insulation inside the ignition coil can also fail, causing energy to escape. 

Why Delphi for Ignition Coils
Delphi backs up its innovative ignition coil design with intelligent manufacturing and uses a winding process technique to control the length of wire between adjacent windings. More length results in greater voltage differences, which can create more pressure that could break down the insulation and wire coating.

Delphi has analyzed the environment that ignition coils must withstand and is combating failure issues with high-quality design and materials, including high quality wires and wire coating that resist the cracks, pin holes and imperfections that most often lead to failure issues. Delphi also uses an epoxy vacuum technique to reduce air bubbles in the epoxy, because having fewer air bubbles increases the epoxy’s insulation quality and reduces the chances of energy punch-through failures.

Learn more about Delphi at

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