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Customers Complaining About Their Brakes? What You Need to Ask.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018 - 07:00
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Brake repair is changing, but customers’ needs remain similar to what they have been requesting for a long time: stop in a safe and appropriate time.

When it comes to setting up their appointments, service writers and advisors can start the process on the right path by asking some specific questions. Sure, you must gather vehicle information like year, make and model, but learning more about them as a driver is just as important.

In the recent webinar “Best Brake Practices,” Tony McKey, Senior Manager, Marketing Operations, Rayloc, a Division of Genuine Parts Company in Atlanta, highlights six questions every service writer should ask customers needing brake repair:

• What are their miles driven annually?

• Are they satisfied with their current brake performance?

• How long do they plan to keep the vehicle?

• Can they describe their commute?

• Have they seen brake dust and does it bother them?

• Do they tow a trailer?

Gathering information like this has helped Bockman’s Auto Care in Sycamore, Ill., improve their service, according to Jon Bockman, President. He explains that the interview process when someone brings in their vehicle for repair has improved by asking questions like these and focusing on training, including role play.

Discover more of how Bockman and his staff successfully implement these questions and take brake repair to the next level in the free webinar, Best Brake Practices. You can watch the webinar now, and discover best practices for service writers and advisors to make brake service even better at your location. 

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