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Bosch announces new line of automotive light bulbs

Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 07:00
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Bosch has introduced a new automotive light bulbs program – exclusively available in North America – with coverage for nearly every vehicle application. The new line features a wide variety of bulbs from direct OE replacement to full HID bulbs for greater visibility and illumination in extreme weather and at night. Bosch light bulbs improve driving comfort through excellent road illumination, without interfering with the vision of oncoming traffic.
Offering the latest bulb technology in miniature lighting, halogen forward lighting and HID bulbs, the new lines include:

  • Long Life - Lasts up to two times longer than conventional bulbs
  • Bright White - Brighter and whiter light for enhanced vision and safety
Long Life Standard HID


  • Standard - Original Equipment quality
  • Optic Select – Enhanced illumination and down road vision
  • Optic Plus - Superior down and side-road vision
  • Optic Edge - Best-in-class illumination and night vision

HID Bulbs

  • HID (High Intensity Discharge) - Featuring superior technology, exceeding the brightness and lifetime of halogen capsules, the bulbs have lower energy consumption for specific HID enabled applications

Bosch automotive bulbs are 100 percent tested, ensuring they meet SAE specification standards for quality. Every bulb contains a proprietary mix of tungsten and gasses, which are two key components for light bulb energy efficiency and longer life.
All Bosch bulbs meet a rigorous testing and inspection process which includes testing of all filaments, contacts, bases and glass, in-process inspection, regulation of gas disbursement and final inspection with long-life testing.

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