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Bosch announces new Battery Tester with integrated printer to capture full test results

Thursday, July 19, 2018 - 07:00
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Bosch has introduced the new BAT 135 battery tester with integrated printer, now available in North America. The integrated printer is designed to capture test results for customer records such as presenting the state of health and state of charge percentage of the batteries to ensure optimal efficiency and usage.
Using a micro-load test to demonstrate authentic results, the battery tester assesses 6V and 12V batteries from 40 – 2,000 CCA, including AGM, Gel cell, flooded lead-acid, start/stop EFB and Commercial SLI batteries. It will also test 12V and 24V charging systems with a diode/ripple test. Test clamps are included and easily detachable for service or replacement.
The BAT 135 is available now from tool dealers nationwide. For more information on the Bosch BAT 135 Battery Tester with integrated printer and other Bosch battery and electrical system analyzers, visit

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