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Bay-masteR to expand coverage using MOTOR light-duty data

Monday, December 17, 2018 - 09:00
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Long-time MOTOR customer Applied Computer Resources (ACR) has developed a new shop management tool, Bay-masteR Tech. ACR, founded in 1976, began as a company selling computers to the general business market. It has evolved to offer software to the automotive repair market. Today, in its efforts to reach a wider clientele and offer an expanded data offering, the company has licensed MOTOR's comprehensive light-duty service and repair data.

With customers across the United States, Bay-masteR is a modern solution that offers workload scheduling., preventative maintenance schedules, service ticket creation and more, all within a cloud-based format that allows for continual access from anywhere.

In addition to its shop management tool, Bay-masteR Tech offers a full suite of technical data, also powered by MOTOR. By leveraging additional MOTOR data, the company is expanding its customer base to include the light-duty market, with an extensive, ever-growing line of service and repair information. 

"Bay-masteR is rising to the next level by providing modern shop management systems to technicians and shop owners," says MOTOR's Executive Vice President of Revenue, Jeff Nosek. "Their enhanced use of MOTOR data has enabled them to offer an extensive line of service and repair data, positioning themselves as a strong competitor in the market."

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