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Bartec introduces new TPMS sensor

Monday, September 9, 2019 - 07:00
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Bartec USA, North America’s pioneer in TPMS Equipment for OE Assembly plants, and leading tool provider to the automotive aftermarket, announces their latest product innovation, the RITE-SENSOR®!

RITE-SENSOR is Bartec’s programmable, single part, multi-frequency, replacement TPMS Sensor. According to Bartec CEO Scot Holloway, “The benefits to using our new RITE-SENSOR are many! It’s a single part solution, it comes with both valve options, and it programs quickly and easily using one of our tools that is likely already in your shop. It’s very easy to use and program, and offers excellent vehicle coverage!”

According to Bartec, a single part [or SKU] solution helps reduce inventory costs, and eliminate confusion with technicians. The RITE-SENSOR is programmable, so a technician simply uses a Bartec Tech400SD or newer TPMS tool to configure the sensor based on vehicle MAKE, MODEL and YEAR. RITE-SENSOR programming is very accurate because of Bartec’s unique VINdicate® feature found on the Pro Series TPMS Tools. Connect your Tech400Pro to the OBDII port and quickly and accurately detect the vehicle identification number [VIN] and set up the tool and program a RITE-SENSOR. According to Steve Long, Bartec’s Director of Operations, “Bartec’s process oriented approach to TPMS sensor programming means working with and using the RITE-SENSOR is very easy and very fast!”

Bartec says that boxed RITE-SENSORS include BOTH valve options. The RITE-SENSOR comes with the rubber valve stem already installed. Should the vehicle application require an aluminum valve stem, that part is also in the box! According to Bartec Sales Manager Ed Jones, “having both valve options in the box and readily available to the installer saves both time and money, while freeing up the service bay faster.” Bulk RITE-SENSORS and Tool/Sensor bundles will feature only the rubber stemmed version, according to Bartec.

Also according to Bartec, to get access to the necessary tool software that programs RITE-SENSOR, simply log in to your current tool account at and download and install RELEASE 60. The RITE-SENSOR is programmable on Bartec tools only, including the Tech400SD, Tech500, Tech300Pro, Tech400Pro and Tech1000. According to Holloway, “Even with the availability of our own TPMS Sensor solution, Bartec remains committed to working with all of our major sensor partners and will continue to maintain sensor coverage for those popular brands of sensors. It’s important that our tool customers have access to the sensors of their choosing.”

The RITE-SENSOR as well as a full range of service kits, valve cores and replacement valves, becomes part of Bartec’s complete, one-stop-shop for TPMS service. All backed by the leading Technical Support Team in the industry, the Bartec TPMS solution includes Tools, Sensors, Service Kits, Consumer Information, and as always, Product Training. Bartec says that product is on the shelf and orders to distributors will begin processing the week of Sep. 9. Software Release 60 will be hosted to their website by Sept. 13.

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