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Automotive instructor puts Pico kit to good use

Tuesday, December 4, 2018 - 09:00
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Troy Anderson is a high school automotive instructor training the next generation of technicians at the Area 30 Career Center located in Greencastle, Ind. As a fan of the webcast series hosted by Motor Age and TST (Technicians Service Training), he registered for "Essential Scope Techniques" and logged in to participate in the live event this past November. Little did he know that this would be an extra special webinar for him!

Troy Anderson was announced as the winner of the Pico kit and is thrilled to have this tool to use in the classroom.

Thanks to the efforts of TST, and the generosity of AESWave and ATS (Automotive Test Solutions), this was to be the first webinar that offered registrants the chance to win one of two popular DSOs (Digital Storage Oscilloscopes). AESWave provided a Pico 4-channel starter kit and ATS supplied the PC version of their latest, the EScope Elite 4-channel DSO.

The webinar (the recorded version of which is still available HERE) was hosted by Motor Age technical editor Pete Meier and TST president G. Jerry Truglia. The webcast focused on setting up any scope to obtain (or "capture") a usable pattern (or "waveform") that could assist a technician in making a more efficient diagnosis. Several testing methods were also shared as part of the 90-minute event. Several attendees requested a "part 2" to further explore the capabilities of the DSO when used for automotive troubleshooting.

But just before the two signed off for the night, there was one more item of business to attend to — drawing the names of the two winners!

The winner of the ATS EScope Elite was Gib Moorhead, co-owner of MAS Auto Centers, with shops in Tipton and Tulare, California. Moorhead shared with Motor Age that he'd been considering the addition of a DSO to his shop for some time now and was impressed with the EScope after only 30 minutes of use. It didn't take long for Moorhead to see the power the tool offers techs in solving tough diagnostic challenges!

Troy Anderson was announced as the winner of the Pico kit and is thrilled to have this tool to use in the classroom. "I started teaching in 2007. Teaching Automotive Technology had always been my dream job!", Anderson said. "I find teaching high school students about cars to be one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.  My program here at Area 30 Career Center has an enrollment of 33 students this year, so the addition of the new Pico scope will be a tremendous help in their education. Who knows, I might be teaching the next Pete Meier!"


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