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New video training program elevates Motor Age reader

Monday, November 6, 2017 - 09:00
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Motor Age aims to help readers stay up to date with the newest industry developments, and its latest training offering is making that mission even easier.

This summer, the UBM Automotive Group announced the launch of a new video-based training resource—Motor Age Training CONNECT, powered by AutoMate.

When Jonathan Lowen, a technician from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, saw a demonstration of Motor Age Training CONNECT this summer, he signed up for the service immediately. Since then, Lowen has worked his way to the Motor Age Training CONNECT level 10 masterclass courses.

Motor Age Training CONNECT is designed to keep automotive professionals up-to-date on the latest vehicle technologies and repair techniques. Featuring more than 350 video training modules, the portal is the go-to online resource technicians need to maintain skills and find advanced solutions to consumer vehicle complaints.

Video training is an increasingly popular and convenient method of learning for today’s technicians, and Lowen is a perfect example of someone who has benefited from this type of learn-at-your-own-pace education.

Lowen has been in the automotive service repair industry for four years and is currently a level 3 apprentice working at an independent shop in Vancouver as the head technician. Due to a lack of in-class training opportunities in his region, Lowen often learns from online resources, textbooks, and YouTube training videos.

Thus, Motor Age Training CONNECT was a perfect fit. Lowen expresses, “My experience with the Motor Age Training CONNECT video-based training courses has been wonderful. The instructors are engaging and don't put me to sleep. There’s a wide variety of video subjects and topics ranging from basic suspension principles to advanced electrical component diagnostics. Sometimes there are even tech tips and tricks in the videos, which have helped with my diagnostics in the workplace.”

The video training modules cover dozens of automotive subjects, including engine performance, driveline systems, steering and suspension, electrical systems, HVAC systems, technical information and tools and equipment, among others. In addition, the videos include industry news and resources such as tool specs, recalls and DTC information.

Lowen’s favorite topics have been the electrical system operations and diagnostics. He explains, “My specialty is electrical diagnostics and repair and engine performance diagnostics and repair. The videos related to these topics have kept me up to date on new systems and have taught me so much about how the systems work. I believe that knowing how a sensor, switch, motor or module operates is essential to being a great technician. So many times I have seen a parts cannon loaded up and fired at a vehicle when a basic understanding of how the system operates would have saved the customer time and money.”

The standard access package for Motor Age Training CONNECT is $24.99 per month, and the premium access package, which includes Motor Age original content and video training tools from Pete Meier, director of training, UBM Automotive Group, and other contributors, is $29.99 per month.

Lowen’s dedication to training and keeping up to date on the latest vehicle technologies will surely lead to a bright future in the service repair industry—something Motor Age Training CONNECT has helped bolster. He expresses, “Motor Age Training CONNECT has been a huge benefit to my career. They give me a vast amount of knowledge on many different topics. The more I know about a customer’s vehicle and its systems’ operations, the better I can serve the customer’s needs. The videos teach me diagnostic strategies, shortening the amount of time needed to diagnose a vehicle’s issues, which is money in both the business’ and our customers’ pockets. I have recommended Motor Age Training CONNECT to every single technician that I know. The service is fantastic and worth every penny.”

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