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ALLDATA Diagnostics adds one-touch access for DTCs

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - 07:00
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To help technicians diagnose and fix vehicles even faster, ALLDATA has added a new feature to its ALLDATA Diagnostics™ scan tool.

Now ALLDATA Diagnostics instantly pulls up probable causes from diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) along with links to its industry-leading database of OEM repair information. In fact, techs can access a database of more than 20 million probable causes for faster repair analysis, right at the vehicle, for no additional cost. (ALLDATA defines probable causes as likely repair options for specific vehicle problems based on data found in OEM diagnostic flow charts and procedures.)

Launched at SEMA in 2018, ALLDATA Diagnostics turns a tablet into a professional-level scan tool, the only one with ALLDATA built-it. That same year it won a PTEN Innovation Award in the Scan Tools category and was voted the 2018 Innovation Zone Winner at NACE Automechanika Atlanta.

“Before the [ALLDATA Diagnostics] scan tool came out, we were getting codes and then running to a land-based computer to diagnose the code on the computer,” said Jarrod M., service manager at Mike’s West Coast Auto Body & Repair. “Here, you’re still in the car, and you get the knowledge you need to fix the vehicle.”

How it works:

  1. Connect ALLDATA Diagnostics to the OBD port
  2. Run a DTC scan report
  3. Select a DTC
  4. View probable cause data and links to OEM info, right at the vehicle
ALLDATA Diagnostics and a Bluetooth-enabled tablet

The Community forum in ALLDATA Repair® and ALLDATA Collision® also offers access to probable cause data.

“The more ways we can speed up the repair process and help shops move vehicles in and out of bays faster, the better,” said ALLDATA President Satwinder Mangat. “In addition to OEM procedures, the new one-touch Diagnostics feature shows the most probable causes for all manners of repairs, based on manufacturer data.”

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