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MERA announces first 14 companies approved for Manufactured Again Certification Program

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 - 07:00
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Fourteen leading remanufacturers are the first companies to be approved for participation in the Manufactured Again Certification program. Participating companies, also known as ambassadors, are licensed to use the Manufactured Again Certification Mark to showcase that their certified remanufacturing facilities meet the same quality standards as new manufacturing facilities.

MERA – The Remanufacturing Association and its members developed the Manufactured Again Certification program so that buyers can easily identify and purchase remanufactured goods with like-new quality and warranty coverage. The program also promotes environmental stewardship and remanufacturing as a leading example in the circular economy.

“Remanufacturing is manufacturing,” said John Chalifoux, president and COO, MERA. “The ambassadors of the Manufactured Again Certification program are well-respected companies that produce quality, sustainable goods, and that quality is on par with new.”

The Manufactured Again Certification program is based on ISO 9001 and IATF 16949—two internationally-recognized quality management standards. ISO 9001 can be used by any organization, large or small, in any industry. IATF 16949, a supplement to ISO 9001, is one of the automotive industry’s most widely-used international quality standards. Plans are in place to expand the certification program to include other industries, including accepting AS 9000 and ISO 13485, the ISO 9001-based quality standards for aerospace and medical devices, respectively.

To receive Manufactured Again Certification, remanufacturers are required to submit third- party evidence of conformance to the accepted quality standards. The Manufactured Again Verification Committee oversees the program and reviews all applications.

Inaugural ambassadors of the Manufactured Again Certification program are:

  • Aeromotive Services

  • Auto Electric International

  • Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems

  • CARDONE Industries

  • Electronics Remanufacturing Company

  • Hansford Parts and Products

  • LKQ Corporation

  • Meritor Heavy Vehicle Systems

  • Midwest Fuel Injection

  • Motorcar Parts of America

  • Pure Power Technologies

  • REMY Power Products

  • Standard Motor Products

  • UCX Calipers

“With the Manufactured Again Certification program, our company’s remanufacturing facilities are held to the same quality standards as new manufacturing facilities,” said H. David Overbeeke, MERA vice chairman, and member of the board of directors of REMY Power Products. “The presence of the Manufactured Again Certification Mark in the marketplace will deliver real value for our commercial customers and the end users of our products.”

"The true mark of quality reman parts is to match or surpass the standards of new parts all while minimizing the impact on the environment. Our Manufactured Again Certification is the direct result of our diligent work to provide the premium reman parts our O.E. partners and distributors rely on CARDONE to deliver," said Michael Cardone III, Executive Vice Chairman for CARDONE Industries. "I’m happy to see all the benefits of remanufacturing – quality, cost, sustainability – given a common industry platform that sets high standards around the remanufacturing process. We are proud to go forward as ambassadors of this program, as we continue to provide technicians with the high-quality, affordable parts they’ve come to expect from CARDONE.”

MERA Chairman Peter Butterfield, who also serves as chairman and CEO of Omega Environmental Technologies, added, “Following the passage of federal legislation favorable to remanufacturing in 2015, we recognized that government procurement officers—and all buyers, for that matter—lacked a resource to properly identify remanufactured goods that are produced in a factory setting. The valuable materials and embodied energy in most finished products make remanufacturing a logical choice before recycling.”

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