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Expand your skill set through networking with other technicians

Monday, April 1, 2019 - 07:00
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Figure 6

The better part of a week goes by and I receive another Facebook video capture. Ryan completes the disassembly and confirmed bank 2 intake cam was indeed “late”. The cause of the retarded camshaft was due to a damaged VVT actuator, where the locating pin interfaces to lock the actuator in place (Figure 6). Ryan replaced the timing components and reassembled the vehicle. The engine starts, runs smoothly but the best part was Ryan’s excitement. He was dead chuffed! I only wish I could’ve been there to see the look on his fellow employees' faces!

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Shortly thereafter, I received the resulting post-fix captures. The in-cylinder trace reflected strong running compression, an intake valve that now opened on-time at about 16 degrees ATDC. This allowed the piston to inhale freely and prevented the deep in-cylinder vacuum we witnessed earlier. The compression began to increase way earlier as well. The intake valve now seats at about 60 degrees ABDC. Much better than previously (Figure 7). The cranking intake vacuum waveform now exhibits pulls whose proximities are all very close to one another, regarding where they fall, relative to the vertical cursors (Figure 8). This is indicated by displaying both the YELLOW dots (representing bank 2 pulls) and the GRAY dots (representing bank 1 pulls).

Figure 7
Figure 8

We can all now see how difficult gambles can be avoided by moving forward with technology. Learning, by sharing information with peers all over the world and employing newer testing techniques that allow you to make tough calls with the utmost confidence.

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